Attempted Driveway Theft

Neighbourhood Watch

Attempted theft of power tools on a driveway in Barton.

“Just stopped a man from stealing a large diamond cutter belonging to a company working on our driveway. He was in a dark grey Ford Focus EA58 OKG which was parked at the end of the adjacent drive facing the road. He looked down our drive, walked onto our grass and had a look at what the worker was doing. He then crept up to the cutter, picked it up, turned and started to run. He did not see me in the kitchen watching him. I went to the back door, opened it and shouted “put that down”. He then pretended that he was there to collect the cutter and that it was a mistake. He gave me a business card and said he was a tree surgeon. I have reported this to the police with the car details and also let the owner of company working on our driveway know. I guess someone dressed up as a workman picking up equipment on a building site or where building work is being carried out would not be questioned. An opportunist thief.”