A message from Bek – our former village postman

To the Barton Community: I just wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know that, with great regret, but with an excited heart I have had to hand in my notice to Royal Mail and start a new chapter.  I’m sorry I haven’t been back to see you all since July but due to an injury I was signed off until my very last day.

I would like to thank you all for making me feel very welcome when I first arrived in 2014.  I already miss all the chats.  Getting to know you all has been an absolute pleasure.  You have all felt more like family than just customers over the last few years and Barton village and the people will always have a very special place in my heart,

Take care of yourselves and best wishes in every way.  Unfortunately me and social media don’t seem to get on so I’ll leave my number and email at the bottom if anyone would like to check in every now and then  and have a chat.

Bek, your postie and friend