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20 mph in Barton Consultation

We plan to introduce 20 mph on roads in the centre of Barton. This follows on from the public engagement two years ago. The 20 mph zone will include High Street and off roads, part of Comberton Road and New Road (village centre) to include Kings Grove and School Lane.

20 mph was trailed on the High Street as part of Covid emergency regulations and reduced traffic speeds. 20 mph in the village centre in front of the school at the junction at the pond is also part of Barton Greenways plans.

County Council Highways have drawn up the plans and will have a period for formal consultation. Notices will be placed in the local press on the 5th October 2022.

This will trigger a Statutory 21-day Consultation period whereby any interested parties may make representations to the Council either in favour of objecting to the proposals. The consultation period will close on the 26th October 2022.